Seward Water Taxi

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do we meet you? In the Seward Boat Harbor at the South Boat Launch, next to the Kenai Fjords National Park Service Visitor Center. This is the only public launch ramp at the south end of the harbor. City parking lots are across the street and on the breakwater. It costs $10 every 24 hours. I pride myself on punctuality. Please be on the dock ready to go 15 minutes before the trip so I can keep all my clients happy. Please arrive in Seward at least a half an hour before your departure to park your car and unload your gear on the dock.

Can we bring our dog(s)? Of course. The price is according to size.

When do you have trips to Kayaker's Cove? When you schedule the trip unless there is another trip scheduled and availability for your party.

How much is it to get to Kayaker's Cove? It's $65/person roundtrip, $45 one-way. You can also view the rates page at

How much does it cost for a round trip to Granite Point Mountain Lodge? It's $65/person roundtrip, $45 one-way.

How much does it cost to get to Caines Head? It costs $55/person roundtrip and $40 one-way plus a $4 drop off fee. You can also view the rates page at

Do you take people to Bear Glacier Lagoon? Definitely. Call to schedule your personalized trip. Guided trips can be arranged.

Do you take hunters out? Of course. My game transporter's license is #986.

Do you do sightseeing tours? Certainly. Call me at 907-362-4101 or email me and schedule your personalized sightseeing tour.

How far do you go? The fuel tank on the M/V Lori Sea is 150 gallon capacity and I can bring more fuel if I have to. Port Bainbridge or Chenega is about as far to the east as I would take you and McCarty Fjord is about as far to the west as I would go.

Do you take people to Day Harbor or other locations east of Cape Resurrection? Of course. Let me know when you want to go.

Do you take people to Aialik Bay or Northwestern Fjord? Certainly. I take people to either of those fjords.

Can we bring food and beverages? Certainly. Bring what you like.